Our Mission

Shalom Community Development Projects … building futures … empowering a community

It is not the magnitude of our actions that matters, but the love that we put into them …. Mother Teresa

People born into a life of poverty often lose hope that things will ever get better for them and their children.  They may lack the education, skills or capital they need to make positive or long term changes to their situation.  More than a hand-out, they need a hand-up, from someone who is willing to love them, listen to them, work alongside them and teach them how to help themselves.

The word Shalom comes from the Hebrew language and means nothing broken … nothing missing … nothing lacking.  Through our  Shalom project, we want to help restore the things that are broken, missing and lacking in people’s lives.

Through our various community development projects, we hope to equip orphans, widows and poor rural families living in Erampatti village with skills and resources that will help create new opportunites for them and build their confidence and capacity so they can start to overcome some of the challenges that a life born into poverty throws at them.