Erampatti Village


It is not the magnitude of our actions that matters, but the love that we put into them …. Mother Teresa

Erampatti Village is located about 20km north of Madurai city in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  About 1000 families live in the village.  It is a relatively poor community with no medical facilities however it does have a school with 450 students in grades 1 through to 10.    Many of the houses don’t have proper sanitation or running water and some don’t have electricty, so many families have to pump cooking and drinking water by hand and carry it to their houses.  Located in a drier part of Tamil Nadu, the area sometimes misses out on monsoon rain which greatly affects the quantity and quality of water available for drinking and irrigation.

Few people from the village have gone on to study at tertiary levels and many of the adults only studied to upper primary levels.   For work some people travel by bus to Madurai, while others run small businesses such as tea stalls and cycle repairs from their homes,  however the main source of income is seasonal agricultural work.

Through our village projects we hope to provide resources and teach skills that will help empower families within the community, so they can build better futures for their children and start to tackle some of the causes and effects of poverty in their village.

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