Erampatti Village School


Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world …. Nelson Mandela

About 450 students attend the government school in the village in classes from grade 1 through to grade 10.  Classes are taught in Tamil, with English taught as a second language a couple times a week.  The teaching staff at the school do a wonderful job with limited resources.  The facilities and resources they have available are very basic and a couple of the classrooms have no desks so the children sit on the floor.

Grades 9 and 10 were only added to the school within the last couple of years.  While land has been secured to build a seperate High School campus in the village, until the new classroom are constructed, the school has to cope with fitting 2 additional classes into its existing buildings.  As a result, some lessons are taught in a large storage room and under a big tree in the playground.

Through our project, a special connection is being fostered between Erampatti School and Payne Road State School in Brisbane Australia.  The two schools have exchanged some letters, drawings and photos.  In 2012 Payne Road fundraised for classroom resources, sporting equipment, teachers’ desks, storage cupboards and repairs to the school gate.  These were greatly appreciated by all the staff and students who could hardly believe that children on the other side of the world had  raised money to help their school.  In 2013 Payne Road fundraised for new school toilets.  The toilets were opened in February 2015.

Shalom is also partnering with Erampatti School to help families in the village who struggle to afford the equipment their children need for school.  Some families have been presented with goats to help boost income through breeding and notebooks and pencils have been given to children attending Shalom’s village tutoring program.