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building futures ... empowering a community

Change a life through Child Sponsorship

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Our Shalom family has grown

In June 2014, thanks to the generous giving of Australian families, we opened Shammah House

Shammah is our new accommodation centre for girls and widows

Shalom now provides care and accommodation for 10 girls

23 boys

and 3 widows

We're seeking sponsors for some of our new children

Child sponsorship costs $40.00 a month

The money goes towards education, nutrition, medical care, farm development and our other village projects

Write and receive letters

Help make their birthdays and Christmas a special time

Gain access to the Sponsors Only section of our website

Send an email to to register your interest in becoming a sponsor

and if you're still not sure ... watch some of our videos to see the wonderful family you could be part of.

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Shalom Home India

building futures ... empowering a community

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